Llanymynech Wharf Visitor Centre & Heritage Area
5th April 2010
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Having heard much about the Llanymynech Heritage Area and the Duchess Countess Packet Boat Trust, I decided to go along and have a look. 

It was a beautiful morning, when I met up with Joan Zorn, who is Chair of (the wonderfully named) Llimeys (or Friends of Llanymynech Heritage Area).  We stopped briefly by the Wharf Visitor Centre which contains much of the history of the area, and gets you up to speed with what you need to know.

Then off we went to have a look at the famous Hoffman Kiln.  I have to say, I wasn't quite prepared for the sight.  With a blue sky and a huge buzzard now wheeling around the chimney, it was a breath-taking view.

We explored the Hoffman Kiln and wandered inside.  The history as well as the architecture is fascinating and a unique experience.  I hear they have story-telling events on some nights in the kiln - talk about atmosphere!

With the lovely walks around Llanymynech Rocks in the distance, we headed back to the Wharf.  I wanted to find out more about the Duchess Countess.

We were met by Martin Clare who showed us the plans drawn up by a Marine Architect with the firm intent of re-building this fast passenger boat which was built for the Bridgewater Canal, Manchester around 1830 and claims to be the last horsedrawn packet-boat in regular service on Britain's canals.

Apparently, she had spent her last few years around the Montgomery and Llangollen canals, hence the connection.

The refurbished Wharf Visitor Centre in the restored stables by the canal is the base for the project which will likely take a few years yet; but in the meantime, visitors can happily glide along the canal on the George Watson Buck which was gifted to the community of Llanymynech, Pant and Carreghofa.  It's a delightful canal boat.

The canal boat can be hired too by groups or local businesses for a trip out - something different!


This is really a wonderful day out - in fact, probably many days out! To explore the kilns, the nature reserve, the mines and the wharf itself.  Highly recommended!

For more infomation, visit their website: www.llanymynech.org.uk


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