Is Oswestry a shopping miracle in the making?
24th July 2009
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Look, I don't have any hard and fast data to back this up, just the evidence of my own eyes and ears, on the ground, in and around Oswestry, 7 days a week, speaking with businesses and people - and I get a very strong positive feeling that in a number of areas Oswestry is really moving forward.

We have a number of shops that have recently opened and a number of smaller shops that are rumoured to be opening soon.  Rumours? :)  Yes, and I'd rather have positive rumours than rumours of shops closing.

In the market, there continues to by a dynamic flow of stalls in and out like a glass of apple juice waiting to settle.

Yesterday, I was assailed by Sainsbury's, Morrisson's and a Tesco in Ellesmere advertising truck doing the Os circuit, and that's not to mention Stan's!  Boy, we need another supermarket like we need a hole in the head right now.

Yes, maybe in 10 years we might need one, so build it then, not now.  Now we need affordable housing.

Recently we have had a number of festivals including the Oswestry Rock & Ride and the Oswestry Food and Drink Festival which brought people into town...and the Oswestry Show coming up!  So much going on...

In the library too, the place is buzzing with people doing a million things from writing job applications to hearing stories about dragons to family history and checking up on local courses.

The Powis Hall Re-Design is another sign that the town is moving forward apace.

It's great to see and be a part of.

C'mon Oswestry - let's continue to buck the trend and lead the way!

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