Interview with Steven Severin - Live Score for Blood of a Poet
9th November 2010
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Steven Severin who has been an innovative force in alternative music since co founding Siouxsie and the Banshee's in 1976. This date at Wem Town Hall is playing as part of kinokulture's 'Art Of Cinema' programme and is the penultimate show of Steven Severin's UK tour of the film

TheBestOfOswestry asked Steven about the process of creating and performing live scores for film

Q/ What was it that drew you to this particular project?

I love Cocteau's work and even though BLOOD isn't technically a silent film, once I revisited it I realised that their was so little dialogue that with the English subtitles, I could turn it into one.  That opens up a whole world of movies to rescore.  I think it stands up as a very important, innovative piece and it's a real thrill to bring it to an audience that quite possibly, haven't seen it before.

Q/ Does the knowledge that you will be performing the score live have some influence on the creation of the score?

None whatsoever.  I can only tackle it like I would a commercial project.  The difference being that obviously, I cannot quiz the director about his intentions etc. so I do lots of background research to aid my approach.

Q/ Do you believe that the live score format will be an increasingly important artistic form in the coming years?

I certainly hope so.  It's something I feel very passionate about.  There is such a wonderful and vast heritage of work that needs preserving and hopefully, I am doing my bit to help keep this work alive so that people can see where some of the ideas that form part of film language even today, came from.  

Q/ In rural Shropshire, we struggle to see many films in a cinema context through lack of facilities and affordable distribution, which is why this performance is so interesting and intriguing.  Do you think film has a role in rural communities?

Of course,  the best reactions I have had is from places that just would not usually get a chance to see these films AT ALL.  Even urban jungles like Croydon :) Film has a role in everyone's life regardless of environment.  The prime example is all those Bollywood screenings in tiny Indian villages.  People need stories.  They always have.  Ever since they built a fire and gathered for warmth and communion.  People have a strong desire to reflect on and/or escape from their real lives.  Cinema at it's finest is a beautiful dream world. .

Our sincere thanks to Steven for the insights into creating this work and to Kinokulture for organising the interview.

To go, see and experience this fantastic evening for yourself on 16th Nov at Wem Town Hall, call the Booking Office on: 01939 238 279

For more info, click here.

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