The Oswestry Mayor Debate - Your Views.
6th February 2014
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An Oswestry Town Councilor has put forward a proposition to democratise the election of the Oswestry Town Mayor and Deputy.

Councillor Kerr believes, "It is important that the Council properly reflects the community and does not discriminate against newly elected members. Under the current system persons who have already held the post of mayor several times before will be re-appointed ahead of newly elected councillors. This is not a fair or effective system for selecting the leaders of our community. My proposal maintains the concept of selection by length of service but makes sure that we all take a fair turn. No-one should be appointed mayor for a second term until other members who have not been the mayor have been offered the position."

What do you think?

Below is the current Seniority List showing who will next be mayor and deputy.



May 2013

Councillor C. Schofield Elected to Council February 2006

Councillor J.G. Jones Elected to Council 1985-87 & 1989

Mayor 1999/2000 & 2008/09

Councillor W. Benyon Elected to Council May 2003

Councillor P. Cherrington Co-option to Council March 2009

Councillor Mrs. M.E. Chamberlain Elected to Council 2003

Mayor 2009/10

Councillor D.P. Milner Elected to Council October 2010

Councillor V. Hunt Co-option to Council December 2010

Councillor Mrs. E. Channon Elected to Council May 2003

Mayor 2010/11

Councillor Mrs. C.M. Hawksley Elected to Council 1995-2003 & 2004

Mayor 2011/12

Councillor Mrs S. Best Elected to Council May 2013

Councillor Mrs R. Evans Elected to Council May 2013

Councillor D. Kerr Elected to Council May 2013

Councillor M. Lee Elected to Council May 2013

Councillor J. Price Elected to Council May 2013

Councillor C. Stokes Elected to Council May 2013

Councillor A. Woof Elected to Council May 2013

Councillor M. Bennett Elected to Council 1983

Mayor 1993/94, 2003/04, 2012/13

Councillor A. Davis Elected to Council August 2013

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