Hey, You! Get Offa my Clawdd!
29th October 2012
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Another sell out gig at The Marches showed the popularity of the OOLAP Annual Seminar, that excellent event that combines history and archaeology to help us understand our surroundings and the forces that shaped our nations.

The poster boy this year was Offa - the 9th Century King of the Mercians who, apart from building the dyke that bears his name, little is known about.

The little knowns and the vast known unknowns were discussed with intellegent vigour by the experts assembled - from how he amalgamated his kingdom (war, marrying the kids off), who he lorded it over (much of middle England southwards), who lorded it over him - (Emperor Charlemagne), how he validated his power and prestige (give money, lands, benefits to the Church) and how the Welsh (formerly the Roman Britons) viewed him (probably with loathing - as the dyke would be seen for miles, mockingly reminding them of the homelands they had lost). 

As one of the experts said - "a great king - but not someone I would like".

As always, the speakers were very well received and the audience left, knowing maybe not a lot more about this man, but able to add a little more to their knowledge hoard about the history of the Marches. 

The full schedule of events can be found at the Old Oswestry Landscape and Archaeological Project.

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