Got the February Winter Blues? See "You and Your Year!"
10th February 2010
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Winter Blues in February…
OR Creating an Exceptional Year
February is often regarded as a most challenging time of year. 

Oswestry Therapist Nicky Jevon and her Northamptonshire based colleague, Caroline Khambatta, take a very positive view on this Winter month.   For them Winter is a time for pausing, reflecting and making space for the coming year.  In their latest e-book, You and Your Year, the metaphor of the seasons guides you through creating the year you really want.  Rather than reacting to different situations that are seemingly beyond your control, this book illustrates ways of taking back the reins of your life.

Packed full of activities, exercises, ideas and wise words You and Your Year is a 52-page handbook that invites you to follow the natural cycle of creativity to bring about changes or enhancements to your life in harmony with the seasonal energies that affect us all.

You and Your Year is a one year personal, practical and inspiring guide towards creating the life you really want.  It is now available for you to download as an e-book at £6.50 or you can order an A4 printed copy at £9.00 plus £1.50 p&p.  To view a 4-page taster and to order please visit

Nicky and Caroline, between them, have well over 50 years experience in Creativity, Life, Career and Health Coaching, Naturopathy and Nutrition, Medical Herbalism, Yoga, Tai Chi, Holistic Feng Shui and Organic Gardening.  Both are licensed Reverse Therapy Practitioners. 

For further information or to order directly please contact:
Nicky Jevon on 01691 828935 or 
Caroline Khambatta on 01908 564941 or

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