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1st February 2010
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New Year resolution 1.  Get fit and keep fit.

New Year resolution 2.  Grow my own veg.

For much less than the price of a gym membership, or equalling the amount of money spent on chocolate in a year, why not try something that will combine all three resolutions in one?  Get veg gardening!  Whether you have rolling acres of lawn or a balcony with pots, you can grow vegetables, fruit, flowers, shrubs and get healthy in the process.

I had very little experience of gardening until last year, but I took the plunge and joined the gardening course through the North Shropshire and Walford College.  The course was at the tutor's garden and my, did I learn a lot! Pruning, seeding, mixing seed compost, transplanting, grafting, in fact everything I needed to give me the confidence to get serious in my own sadly neglected garden. Just on the fruit and veg front we learned how to sow seed, save seed, plant potatoes beans and onions, transplant strawberries and how not to be such a 'fairweather gardener' but get out there and do it. On top of that, I made a whole new bundle of friends. 

Two raised beds and a year later, a third raised bed is planned, I've joined a permaculture vegetable garden group; and yes, kept the weight down, kept fit and saved myself money.

There are a barrowful of gardening courses out there to suit your pocket, your experience and your available time.  Check out our events on thebestofoswestry for an up to date list of the gardening courses each month.

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