Christmas Debt advice from Lanyon Bowdler
7th December 2011
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It is widely acknowledged that Christmas can be stressful, and especially so from a financial point of view.  In the current tough times, people may be worrying about finding the money to buy presents and go the extra mile with additional food and drink.  This can lead to many people suffering Christmas debt problems which are still being paid off months into the New Year.  


Gary Sans, a legal executive in Oswestry firm Lanyon Bowdler’s dispute resolution department advises people to plan in advance a budget they can afford to spend, and stick to it, saying “there is no point getting into debt at Christmas and then struggling to pay it off for the rest of the year.  Be realistic about what you can afford, and it will make for a much more enjoyable Christmas.  


However, if people do find that they have a debt they cannot manage, it is much better to acknowledge the problem and talk to an debt adviser, who can offer impartial advice to reduce the debt and get the financial situation back under control.”

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