Can Oswestry Business provide the £100K for Oswestry Powis Hall?
26th October 2009
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In 1849, on the 6th June, The Cross Market was opened serving meat and eggs, veg, milk and butter.  It was paid for by public subscription raising £3202 and to find the shortfall of £5000, the Oswestry Town Council asked for an Act of Parliament to be passed allowing them to raise the cash.  They fought for the Act and it was passed.

Today, history is repeating itself.  We have another market, the Powis Hall, which has also served Oswestry for many years and is again facing a shortfall for a necessary redesign.  This time, it's not £5K in 1849 but £100K in 2009.

Without this £100K, the redesign by one of the world's greatest known designers will collapse; and we will be left with a half-way house.  Surely, no-one wants to pass an opportunity like this by!  An opportunity for a Tourism Asset that will serve the town and the businesses in it for decades to come.

And so here is the request: that 100 businesses each commit to giving £1000 to the Powis Hall Redesign Project so that it can begin on time and be finished by Easter - after which we can promote the living daylights out of it and start to drive footfall to the town.

For more information, please email or call me as we put together a list of businesses willing to invest in the town.

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[From mydeco Press Release]

David Kelly, mydeco CEO said,“We are thrilled Powis won because it really is at the heart of a local community. There were some very worthy venues in the short list but a redesign of Powis Hall will have the most impact on a community, which is what the YourSpace competition is all about. We really hope to be able to show the impact design can have on a community. This is not about a gratuitous make-over – Sir Terence Conran and Tara Bernerd will give it an ‘intelligent’ redesign, reinvigorating the hall for all that use it. “


Mike Coppack said,“It is unbelievable news! I really thought we would lose to one of the London venues. There's a huge buzz about the competition because Powis Hall is the social centre of the town and everyone who lives here knows it. There's been a lot of public and local media interest in the nomination and with three proposals for edge of town shopping parks in the pipeline action is needed now to save it. I can’t wait to see what Terence and Tara do with the place.”


Built in the 1950s, Powis Hall has been the social heart of Oswestry for over 800 years. People of all backgrounds and ages still gather there and socialise, drawn in by 38 diverse local businesses who trade there. However, it has been increasingly avoided and referred to as 'depressing' and dated. Lack of natural light, concrete floors and dark, pealing wood add to the gloom and feeling of neglect.


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