But Daddy, you promised!
21st January 2015
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Gosh - five years already and its time for the General Elections in May.  The panjandrums in Westminster are busy working on their speeches and promising all manner of lovely things if you vote for them.  But as we all know, promises made in the (albeit calculated) heat of the moment never materialise.

Unless they have the goose that laid the golden egg, I doubt very much that any promise they make, whichever party they front, will have anything to do with alleviating the slight wallet tightness we've all grown accustomed to since the recession.

Local services are continuing to be hit as local government are tasked with making more cuts to balance their budgets.

While this may all sound doomy gloomy,  good cheer can be taken from the fact that, for many local businesses, 2015 could be brighter year.

The top supermarkets are retrenching as they cannibalise each other in price matching.  On the ground, shoppers are returning to the independent grocers, butchers and markets, as they realise that the best value actually does come from local businesses. 

We've learned to tighten our belts, to practice economy, to reuse, recycle and waste less - all good lessons.  Hopefully, we've also learned that there is only transitory pleasure in excess spending on crap cheap goods from China or India and more value in quality made products that last for longer.

The more we support our local businesses, and do shop with them - walk the talk as it were, the stronger our local economy becomes.  The stronger the local economy, the more likelihood of employment opportunities and new business start ups.

Folk who live or work in Oswestry have an extraordinary fondness for the town and its local amenities, and it is an attractive and vibrant town, packed with independent businesses and stuffed to the ginnels with events, festivals and concerts.  But it takes interest and commitment in the local community to keep it vibrant and thriving.

So this year, don't vote for the party that shakes false promises at you, don't vote for the 'least dislikeable' party.  Do take time to study the political parties at grass roots level (usually straightforward people) and at Westminster Level (their actual policies) and make an informed vote for what is best for you, your family, your community and your town.  And do use your vote - don't waste this chance for change.

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