BBC Radio Shropshire interview about Oswestry
30th July 2009
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Yesterday morning had a great interview with Jim Hawkins on the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Shropshire about the threat of supermarkets to Shropshire's Market Towns.

BBC Radio Shopshire are an effortlessly professional bunch.  I got a call beforehand from Les Walton, the producer to explain what goes on, then another call onto the show, where I could hear the feeds from Maggie's charming interview with exhibitors from The Oswestry Food & Drink Festival.

thebestofOswestry being about championing and promoting the best businesses - most liked, trusted and best at what they do, in and around Oswestry - I was keen to stress that whilst the supermarkets are a threat to business; local businesses, markets and shop-owners do have it within their power to survive and thrive.

Supermarkets invented The Convenience Game and we all bought into it.  Naturally, they were designed to win this and win it they have - hands down.  Well done.  Have a cigar.

Market Towns, on the other hand, with their variety of independent shops and markets set within historical winding streets where people can stop and chat, have a coffee, are more human scale and enjoyable.  Because whilst supermarkets have won the convenience game, their are also incredibly boring!

So I would encourage Market Towns to play a game they are good at; a game they invented and were designed for: The Diversity, Quality and Friendliness Game.

It's funny because supermarkets know they would have little chance at this new game - just pop into Morrisson's and see the signs for "Market Street" and "Your Local Fishmonger" - yeah, right, very convincing. :)

Get into town and get the real thing!  Enjoy meeting and laughing and eating quality food and goods at affordable prices.  It's time to enjoy shopping again!

Thank you BBC Radio Shropshire for an enjoyable and provoking interview.

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