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18th May 2015
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Workplace pensions are changing and employers are gradually being required to enrol all eligible workers into a workplace pension.

If you are a small to medium sized business  employing one or more people, or if you employ a carer to look after you or a family member, then you are now, by law, required to set up an automatic pension enrolment for those staff.

The law was changed in April 2012 so that all full and part time workers have to be enrolled in a company pensions scheme, with a percentage of their earnings being deducted into the pension scheme.  All employers also will contribute a percentage into the scheme.

By 2018, all businesses employing staff have to have an automatic enrolment scheme in force.

By now, all companies will have been sent a letter outlining when the pension scheme has to be in place, and how to plan for it.

Frankly, when I received our letter it immediately went into a ‘deal with later’ pile and I lurched off to find some sand to stick my head in.   I know my accountant will work with me to set the pension system up, and make the automatic payments, but other than that, I have not a clue what it is, how it affects my company, any staff, my company income or anything else. 

I know, though it is something that you and I  can’t put off.  So bite the bullet and book yourself on to the Morris Cook free seminar on June 3rd, at Oswestry Cricket Club. It is a morning seminar from 8:30 til 10:00 with a refreshing cup of tea and biccies provided.

This seminar, presented by D&G Independent Limited, is designed to help you prepare your payroll procedures for Automatic Enrolment and explain what you will need to do to comply with the regulations.

  • Automatic Enrolment – what it is and where you can get help
  • What is your staging date
  • Fines for non-compliance
  • Which employees are eligible
  • What are the costs for the employer
  • What are the employer’s responsibilities
  • Choosing a pension scheme
  • What you will need to do to get ready
  • Question and answer session

The seminar will last approximately 1 hour and is FREE.  There will be an opportunity for questions at the end.

There’s a lot of interest in these changes, so book your place as soon as possible.

Telephone:  01691 654545              






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