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17th July 2010
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An inspiration!! That's such a grand title but I want to explain what I mean.  There are so many of you out there that have inspired me to become an Artist and to become a better person.  Yes, I can actually stand up and say I'm an Artist now.  It's taken a while let me tell you.

So who do I find inspirational?  All those individuals who are continuing to follow their dream despite setbacks, all those who are fighting illnesses with bravery and dignity, all those people who support individuals during their hour/days/years of need, and all those who stick two fingers up at life despite life's habbit of crapping upon them from a great height.  Please forgive my language there but I cannot think of anything that describes it better.

I know people on Twitter and Facebook, many of whom I have had the privelege and joy of meeting face to face, who are up against the most tragic of circumstances, those who are facing severe illness, or those who are fighting the negativity that life has put before them.  You are all my INSPIRATION!!!

I continue to follow my dream because of people like yourselves.  I wish I could name you all but I fear you are so humble you would be embarrassed by such an accolade.

So, for all those that I have conversed with on Twitter and Facebook, for all those that face trials and tribulations in life, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being so determined and so fearless.  I admire, respect and love you all even though I know you are just being 'you'.

Much love


Jude xxx

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