A Wilfred Owen Statue in Oswestry?
18th September 2010
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I read that some people are calling to have a monument to Wilfred Owen in Oswestry.  Well, this is interesting.

Earlier this year, we held an Oswestry Lit Fest called The Oswestry Festival of the Word ~ Written, Spoken & Sung.  The festival was held in the week surrounding March 18: Wilfred's birthday.

It was a really enjoyable festival which included talks on Owen's life and times by Helen McPhail and Dominic Hibberd, Owen's biographer and we were thrilled to have Peter Owen, Wilfred's nephew as our guest too. And only last month a songwriter Dean Johnson from the Wirral, who has written songs for a musical about Wilfred's life, came to play them at The Ironworks.

There is clearly a lot of affection in the town and in the area for Wilfred Owen's achievements in bringing the reality of war to the attention of the world.

For myself, if a work was commissioned, it would be wonderful to represent the modern young writer that Wilfred was.  Perhaps, sitting on a bench in the park, pen and notepad in hand, contemplating his next work.

A few years ago, we visited Bratislava in Slovakia where they excel in the kind of public art that really engages with people.  Below is such a piece in a cafe on the main square: Andy Warhol having a coffee break.

It would be important to hear the views, thoughts and feelings from Wilfred's family and the Wilfred Owen Association on the suggestions.

All in all, it would be a great thing for the town and only add depth to the sense, that is growing apace, of Oswestry as a place in which the arts can flourish.

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