You won't believe this holiday disaster
27th February 2010
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So, you are sitting on the edge of your sunbed leaning over your beloved with the suncream thinking, "what a lucky fella I am", when a fellow holiday maker is carried past you on a stretcher clutching their head.

What would go through your mind? "That's knackered their holiday up", perhaps.

But what should be going through your mind is "I am glad I took out that holiday Insurance."

Amazingly lots and lots of people don't bother with Insurance for themselves or their families and friends on holidays. Yet the cost can be surprisingly affordable in comparison to the expense  that can be racked up if something happens.

I can give a personal scenario as to how things can get out of hand with a "holiday disaster from hell".

Our holiday was completed in South of France. (I know what you are thinking - "flash bugger" - but alas not - it was in a  tent and kept company by many of God's creatures during the day and night, including very large spiders and the odd reptile.

So, we made are way back by train all the way through France, only to come to a grinding halt nowhere near our end destination, at a remote French station.  Unfortunately an incident had taken place somewhere else on the line further up in France creating a log jam effect.

We didn't fret initially as we had plenty of time to get across Paris to our Eurostar connection at the other end.

It got hotter and hotter and the delay longer and longer. Eventually, we set off again crawling along and arriving in Paris very overdue.

We then  broke the Olympic 800 metres record to get to the Eurostar terminal, only to watch the train being waved off.

"Bugger", we thought, so we went inside and were initially told "sorry about that, but you can catch one tommorow".

This was not a possiblity we could think of, and we were allowed on the last train back to U.K.

But there were some more delights to follow.

This last train didn't stop at our station in Kent where the car was parked.

We arranged  with a fellow delayed passenger, to get a taxi back from wrong station to the correct station, some 60 miles back down the road.

So we bought some food at Eurostar terminal in Paris. (This incidently, cost wise, would have kept a small country in supplies for several months.)

Finally, we left Paris and made it into the U.K, duly went past the station we wanted to stop at. I did  contemplate pulling the emergency cord at that point and doing a runner but thought better of it.

Hoorah - 60 miles further up the line, we arrived at the station, to be greeted by a monsoon. The Taxi arrived, which our fellow passenger had kindly organised with his son and we sped back down the motorway at a considerable shared cost.

Never mind, though we had arrived at station to pick up our car and get home, albeit late.

We got back to the car park entrance, ****** locked up for the night.

By now, my partner and the kids had almost gone into meltdown, so we had to get to a local hotel for the night, get the car in the morning, and head home.

How I didn't cry I don't know, but nevertheless we came back the next day and went home some 24 hours late.

So, make a note of our adventure, and remember that things do go disastrously wrong - and you can give yourself peace of mind by taking out that Travel Insurance.

The Insurance Centre in Norwich can give you a quotation and get documents to you very quickly.

Its a false economy not to have any Travel Insurance, and not having it could cost you a great deal of money.


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