Why selling your gold can leave you out of pocket - BBC's Inside Out Investigates
19th February 2010
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David Whiteley investigates why selling your gold can leave you out of pocket.

Some companies offering to buy your unwanted jewellry are offering a small fraction of the full value.

Sue Morhall  sent her jewellery to a postal gold company and was offered £150 for it.

She thought that was too little and asked for the gold back. But it took weeks of phoning every day to get her gold back. 

When it was eventually returned she took it to a high street jeweller who gave her £1003 for the same gold, nearly 7 times as much.  

THe BBC Inside Out programme on Monday will show what happens to your gold if you want to sell it and explain why there are so many companies wanting to get their hands on it.

In Norwich we are lucky enough to have our very own goldsmith, Craig from Sonkai Jewellers, who has an on-site workshop and can give advice on any of your gold jewellery.

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