Why bury good news in Norwich?
16th January 2009
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What is it with the local press? In December it was reported as front page news that the Maids Head Hotel was going into administration - the hotel received numerous calls from staff and worried clients, causing a lot of stress at an already stressful time over Christmas, and without being able to give the true facts.

When it became clear that the Maids Head Hotel does in fact have a secure future, with 77 jobs saved, where is this news reported? It's hidden in the middle of the paper.

Who's interest does this serve? Could it be that bad news sells newspapers?

What about the benefit to the local economy of reporting good news - increased consumer spending, increased business confidence - better local economy, happier local people.

Let's get the good news out there - and by the way - the Maids Head Hotel is still open for business, it always has been and it plans to stay that way! And if you haven't already seen the changes made during it's recent refurbishment, then speak to Linzi and arrange a tour.

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