What makes you smile?
10th March 2009
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How often does a piece of marketing in Norwich make you feel happy?

More to the point, how often do you look at the advertising for accountants in Norwich and feel a burst of happiness?

Adepta, the latest accountants in Norwich to join thebestofnorwich, describe themselves as "friendly, funny and approachable" and one look at their sign as I walked into their office put a huge grin on my face.

I then sat down in a comfy seat in their relaxed office (right next door to a farm shop and a cafe (both of my favourite things!) and my eyes lit on a postcard of a puppy with a pink ball saying "sometimes the best things are right under your nose". It definitely has the "wow" factor - and another big smile! That was before we even got down to talking about accounts - and then Jacquie started to explain how she can save people money - and hey presto - another smile.

Adepta's marketing literature is some of the best I have seen...and guess what? It turns out that the people who designed this marketing are none other than Active Marketing and Design, who are recommended on thebestofnorwich for marketing in Norwich.

They also happen to have done the design for one of our other accountants in Norwich, Farnell Clarke - again, a stunning design which stands out from the crowd.

As you can tell, I left Adepta's offices grinning away with a stack of their postcards to cheer me up!

(Perhaps I shouldn't have written that last bit!)

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