What does it mean to be green?
1st March 2010
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Have you ever wondered what being "green" meant?

Most of us have probably succumbed to installing the low energy light bulbs (you know the ones that are efficient because they give out so little light!) and perhaps we drive a little less “quickly” because of the price of fuel these days – but what does it mean to be “green” at the heart of your business, and just how do you do it?

We were delighted to hear that thebestof Copywriters – the Fountain Partnership have won the “Outstanding Small Business Award” in the Norwich Eco Awards. It was just the excuse we needed to ask “how” and then “why”.

Founded in January 2009, Rebecca and Marcus's first commitment was to emit the least possible carbon. Working from home, they have been able to double up on basics, such as gas and electricity – which is supplied  by Ecotricity, so the profits they make go back in to developing more sustainable energy.

Fountains are a virtually paper-free office, with on-line invoicing as well as communicating with clients via email and telephone. For the essential journeys by car, Rebecca and Marcus drive the eco friendly Toyota IQ.

Their second commitment was to the local economy – committing to use low-carbon local suppliers, to support the economic infrastructure in Norfolk and to offer low rates to local start-up businesses.

Marcus and Rebecca of the Fountain Partnership have set out to win clients who were doing good in the community and in the world. Their clients include:

  • gardening companies
  • renewable energy companies
  • charities – as well as with local people

Their commitment to ethical marketing has seen them turn away clients whose products they consider to be harmful to the environment or to the local community.

“We believe that business should be there to serve the community, not vice versa. We strongly feel that it is the accumulation of many small steps taken by individuals and businesses that will make significant change in this world – that while it takes only a small amount of effort to see things through a socially conscious lens, when everyone starts doing it, that's when it really makes a difference”.

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