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16th March 2010
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Testimonials are a brilliant way to help people to make that buying decision.

People need to feel comfortable when they make a decision and if you're not a household name, there is nothing better than knowing that other people are using the business and recommend them.

We're always nagging our clients to get testimonials - think how effective a tipping point it would be to read 200 odd testimonials about a business.

But often we forget to ask for testimonials for our ourselves.

What was great about the recent 14 days of Love campaign was the feelgood factor - there's nothing better than reading nice comments about yourself - and also the fact that some of our clients took the opportunity to give us testimonials for ourselves.

They were so lovely that I couldn't resist sharing them. You often feel that you shouldn't blow your own trumpet but I'm just so chuffed with these comments that I wanted to share them:

"The Best of Norwich is brilliant. Chris and Sara really do take word of mouth to the next level - they are at the centre of Norwich's networking world, and as a small business, we have found them to be incredibly supportive. I met Sara and Chris a while before our business joined as a member, and already saw how much they had to contribute to Norwich's small businesses. Now that we are members, I see how true that really is."

Rebecca S  Fountain Partnership, Norwich Copywriters February 2010

"I joined ‘The Best of Norwich’ around October last year. I’m always very sceptical about advertising companies trying to sell me something. Maybe you’re like me and get several calls a week – each one takes away precious time from your business trying to get you to advertise in this or that publication. What little of this I have done hasn’t really worked for me. Meeting Sara has made a refreshing change – I have found that Sara is always connecting people. It’s not a case of once you’re signed up you’re forgetten – being signed up to promote myself on ‘The Best of Norwich’ was just the beginning. Almost every time I see Sara she mentions someone else I could talk to, or have potential of a joint venture with. A couple of weeks ago Sara suggested running an offer in the weekly newsletter and I had someone sign up to Tap Yourself Slim as a direct response to that advert – and then yesterday without me mentioning it again, my offer was re-run. I had a call from a prospect at 6.50pm – the lady came along to my class, albeit a little late, and later signed up to my 10 week programme. I highly recommend advertising with The Best of Norwich – Both Sara and Chris do their very best to show case and promote each of their clients."

Linda McCroft of Tap Youself Slim Weight loss Norwich Date Added: February 2010

"The absolute best way to advertise! Orb Organic hair has gained so much business from joining up with these guys ,due to the fact that our clients can leave testimonials for us. Thank you for a job very well done. x"

Kate Prutton  Orb Organic Hair Norwich February 2010

"What can I say. Well how much do you value good marketing? Top class is in abundance from Chris and Sara. Don`t waste money advertising for no returns. Get what you want loads of interest in your business. Get on The Best Of Norwich and let these two plug and plug you until they drop. Fantastic for new and old QUALITY businesses who want and can handle more work. I did and do keep busy." Paul from Diploma Services Ltd

Paul W Diploma Services Painters &  decorators Norwich February 2010

"Thank You Chris and Sara for all the extra care they take to make sure we get the Best out of the Best of Norwich. If you are not in it you need to be." John Keen

John Keen Camera Magic, Norwich Photographers February 2010

"National Express East Anglia looked on The Best Of website for training companies to provide a Sales and Customer Service training programme to increase their profits. It was confirmed on Monday, 1st March 2010 that we have successfully won the Sales and Customer Service training for 50 staff! We would like to thank The Best Of for their continuous support and service, and especially Sara and Chris Greenfield for their professionalism."

James H Date Added: February 2010

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