Use twitter or you may be out of business by the London Olympics
27th December 2009
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"Businesses who don't use Twitter in 2010 will be out of business by the time the London Olympics begin."

That's quite a statement from Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist, in his recent article in IFA Life:

Graham goes on to point out that recent deals between twitter and microsoft mean that real-time search results will feature twitter prominently. If you want to be noticed in search results you will need to be tweeting.

Graham points out that in the past, all you needed was a web site. Then you needed a regularly updated website, more recently you needed regular articles or a blog.

At a meeting two years ago he said that if the businesses in the room were not blogging, they would't be in business two years later. Two years later, of all the businesses in that room, the only two who were still in business were two who were blogging.

Graham predicts that the same thing will happen with twitter.

The great thing about twitter is that it is free. You don't need to pay experts to do it for you, you don't need to pay hosting fees.

All you need is to spend a few hours reading up about it (or on a training course) and setting up your profile. There is so much free advice about using twitter - once you start using it, you learn as you go.

Follow some of the experts and you can read snippets of advice daily, learning as you go.

And the great thing about twitter is that you can build up a targetted following. You don't need to know people to connect with them and you can keep track of what people are saying about your business.

My one word of advice - don't worry about learning everything at once - just take it slowly, join in gradually - you'll soon pick it up. Other people on twitter are very helpful.

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