To tweet or not to tweet.
1st April 2009
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OK, so I've finally succumbed to Facebook - and created a bestofnorwich group on there. I'm still finding my way around, though. I joined Twitter the other day but I can't for the life of me work out how people manage to Tweet all day and update facebook and Linkedin, and all the other online and social networking sites and still get work done.

I've been doing Linkedin since Christmas, when I finally stopped ignoring all those annoying invitations to join people on Linked in - and now I've been sending out annoying invitations to everyone - but at least with Linked in I can see how it can increase your business profile - and it's great if you're nosy like me and spot who's moved jobs etc.

I got a bit worried the other day because I signed up for Twitter, did nothing on there as I couldn't think of anything to say, and then had a message last week that someone is following my tweets. They'll be waiting a long time!

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