Those Magic Knickers
24th September 2009
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If you like a natter and enjoy browsing the latest fashions, then make your way to DIVA, a ladies clothes shop in Wymondham. Maria, the owner, has a constantly changing stock of the latest fashions and accessories and is happy to have a chat/ offer you a coffee whilst you browse.

One of the funniest stories Maria told me was about the Magic Knickers that she stocks. These are hugely popular. I won't repeat her funniest anecdote here as she might not be best pleased - you'll have to go along and ask Maria! But she also told me about how she went to open the shop at about ten to nine one morning, to find an old gentleman waiting for her to open up.

And what did this gentleman want? A present for his wife perhaps? Some ladies clothing for himself?

No, he was desperate to find out what magic knickers were. He'd seen the sign in the window and was so desperate to quench his curiosity that he stood waiting on the doorstep for the shop to open!

Once he had gleaned this information he carried on his way.

For those already in the know, what you need to know is that DIVA stocks magic knickers at a very reasonable price. For those who aren't yet in the know - find Maria and ask about her magic knickers.

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