The Google Panda or Farmer Update
22nd April 2011
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Many people have been asking about the Google Panda/Farmer updates which have happened in the past couple of week's and how this affects web sites in the local regions, as well as on a national scale.

This update has hit more seo companies and professional than actual web site owners, it appears anyway.

Google says that 12% of sites have had their rankings changed as a result of the change. Unconfirmed reports also seem to suggest that Google has delisted over 30% of web sites worldwide. In a survey carried out in the United States, 40% of SEO practitioners have admitted a loss in traffic as a result of this update.

Content farmers appear to have been hit hardest, but interestingly some have, so far, escaped the net.

Google has said that it is determined to improve the quality of sites in its index, so sites that do not fit into this category will be targeted over the coming months and years.

The main things you should avoid are:

  • Taking or scraping content (images or text) from other sites.
  • Do not "spin" content using automated software which when spun a hundred time reads like rubbish and nothing like the original article.
  • Do not override your site with ads or web site banners.
  • Ensure that you have quality content and don't overdo the quantity.


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