The Critical Difference between Response and Reaction
6th June 2010
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Business Coaching tip - key 2 to Recession Proofing your Business -

Understand the Critical Difference between Response and Reaction.

Ask yourself two questions :-

-What’s the difference between response and reaction?
-Why do Firemen train?

Preparation reduces fear and panic and leads to intentional
In times like these, preparation and intentional action will
lead to a stronger business.

You will know the saying that practice makes perfect. True ...


To really improve, you need Perfect practice.

Review your business plan, determine your improvement areas
and then take a good look at yourself and set perfect practice
for these areas and ensure you are ready to respond in the
correct way at the appropriate time.

Please let me know how you use this tip to make your business
Recession Proof.


Norwich Business Coach

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