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13th October 2009
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It's not ofter that I quote the Daily Mirror, in fact it's not often I get to read a daily paper, but this article from the Daily Mirror Blog caught my eye.

You cannot buy a book from Amazon these days without getting the offer of "free business cards" or a "free stamp / mug" in the package. On the face of it, it doesn't look a bad deal...that is until you hold the business card and see that it's smaller, thinner and generally just quite poor in feel.

Your business card is what you leave with people; if you cannot be arsed to get a decent quality card, what are you saying about yourself?

Fair play to Penman & Sommerlad at the Daily Mirror for a great article .....interesting to see that  the Advertising Standards Authority this week ruled the VistaPrint leaflets misleading.

The link to the article is below.

But if you want



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