Tax return time
2nd April 2009
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Jacqui Clarke of Adepta, accountants in Norwich, has some advice for those worrying about (or perhaps completely unaware of) this crucial time of year when it comes to tax returns.
With the 5th April tax year fast approaching now is the time to make sure that you start to gather all the information requried for your tax return/Self Assessment.
Look out for things arriving in the post like notice of codings, dividend vouchers, P60's and tax certificates paid on savings.
Now is also a good time to think about the income you have received in the year including state benefits, pensions and any capital gains.
If this is the first year you need to submit a return, make sure you register now for online submission. You get an extra couple of months to submit your return which could save you from having to pay a £100 fine.
If you are unsure about how to complete your tax return, either contact the Revenue directly or employ a professional to do it for you.
There are plenty of accountants in Norwich to choose from and if you're not sure, click here to have a look at some of the testimonials on our website, which should make your choice easier.
Quite often, the cost of an accountant is more than covered by the tax savings they can make for you.
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