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28th February 2011
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At thebestofnorwich we are passionate about showcasing the businesses that we feature.

People buy from people, and if someone is looking to use a local business, how are they going to decide who to use, if they don't personally know anyone?

Testimonials are a key factor, which is why we focus on helping our clients to get some wonderful testimonials, with campaigns such as the 14 Days of Love.

It is also important to get across the character and personality of the business owner.

Video can help to get across your message - take a look at Emily from The Perfect Wine here, or the "singing solicitor" Mark Fitch of Hatch Brenner here.

Having watched the videos, do you think you are more likely to remember Emily and Mark?

If you want to order some wine or you're organising a wine tasting, do you think you would feel more comfortable contacting Emily rather than just a name from a website?

If you're in a dispute and need mediation, who will come to mind first? Mark or someone you've never seen who you've pulled off a list.

Photos work in a similar way.

We have been working over the past few months with our "bestof" Norwich photographers, Banana Fudge Studios and All About Image to get some stunning photos of our clients.

An example is Jamie Allan of I Want More Sales.

Jamie will provide hands-on help and advice for businesses that want to grow.

Jamie is a ball of energy, and we asked Julia Holland of All About Image Photography to capture this energy.

I think the shots that she took do just that. (on the left in the images below)

Other photos tell the story of what our clients actually do, such as the photos of Cassie of CJW Sports Therapy & Massage (centre) or Gymboree Pre-school classes (right) taken by Dan of Banana Fudge Studios.

I love the way Dan has captured Cassie even though she was nervous of having a photoshoot and he captured some stunning shots of the kids in the Gymboree class (with their parents' consent, obviously).

And the guy in the picture above? Well, that's Dan brimming with excitement when he was voted one of the most loved business in Norwich.

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