Surprises in the in-box, thinking Pink and Pro-Basketball teams
15th March 2013
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Here is the latest instalment of the blog from Gary Cockaday, owner of the 4Sports Group in Norfolk.

I always, when at home, try to log on (who doesn’t these days, needing to squeeze every moment out of a working day) to delete the rubbish from my in-box, rejecting the drugs, mail outs, special offers (some requiring translation), illicit relationships … although Alice from Prague had my attention for a moment or two … to find a request to quote on 220 garments with 240 embroideries and 240 vinyls – happy days!


A few hours later and the contract is ours … having checked stocks and updated the client – we don’t like surprises; the artwork requested – good to go


Today we have found time to repair the Hoover, the display room needed a tidy up and to quote on trophies for a drama club, hi viz vests for a school in Nottingham and 2 football kits and its not yet lunch!


I await pricing on pink pens and nail files … thinking pink is becoming the new black – I used to coach a football team and had no choice but to buy pink training balls as the whites were out of stock, to my surprise the lads loved them!


I have another reason to smile; having been a approached by a Pro Basketball Team to supply kits and training wear … seems MetalFrog have us on page 1 Google regarding Basketball kits J now if they could do that with workwear …


What I love about my team is how they forward think; we (they) don’t wait for the boxes to arrive, then ask the question as to what’s needed; they have today prepared the vinyl cuts for 3 kit sponsors, ordering in a couple of new vinyl colours required for one of them, If only my boys did the same at home!


Have a very happy day

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