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18th September 2009
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We love it when clients keep in touch with us and one of our newest clients, Swappit Clean, are doing just that.

They have an exciting new eco-friendly business re-filling empty plastic bottles - cutting down on plastic waste and saving homeowners and businesses money.

They tell us they are gathering pace with the business - the retail side for their eco-friendly products is good, with support from the people of Wymondham, where the business is based, and they are now marketing the wholesale side to Norwich based cleaning companies.
So far they have saved over two thousand 500ml bottles going into waste since opening.

Even if plastic bottles are recycled in the normal way, the recycling process uses up resources. Swappit Clean's idea of re-filling existing bottles, is an even better way to stop your plastic going into the waste and taking hundreds of years to disappear.

But what about the quality of these environmentally friendly products? Swappit Clean are confident that their products are as good a quality as the ones you would buy off the shelf. Businesses around Norwich are already using the cleaning products and saving huge amounts of money.

You can either re-fill household bottles by visiting Swappit Clean in Wymondham or if you order in bulk, they can deliver in and around the Norwich area.

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