Some handy tips for gentlemen's tailoring
11th November 2009
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Tips for good tailoring this xmas from Leadenhall Suit Company, purveyors of fantastic men's clothing, suits and accessories and tailors extroadinaire:

Jason says "You don't have to buy brand new items of clothing from head to toe each time to obtain a stylish look. Some lateral thinking and moderate expense will see you through.

Of course I'm biased when I say that I recommend a bespoke item to form a basis for a well dressed man, and I still hold to that. 

However with some clever tailoring, perhaps slightly modifying a ready to wear item to fit just that little bit better, you can really approach bespoke heights.

Even selecting good shoes can transform the way you look and feel; have a new shirt to reinvent a tired, albeit well kept jacket.

For formalwear, may one suggest a splash of daring red on a tie to awaken a darkened suit?

Try a well cut pair of casual trousers to make your legs and glutes appear more honed!

I'm freeing you from the terrifying thought of spending lots of money when you don't need to...My work here is done, no need to thank.

Olymp Luxor Fil a fil shirt. £42.49
Soprano Woven Silk Ties. £19.99

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