Some advice from our local Norwich Reiki Master
25th August 2008
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When people ask whether Reiki can help people who wish to have a child, Tripuri Dunne, a complementary therapist and Reiki Master based in Norwich tells of some of the very positive experiences of women who have come for treatments because they were having difficulty in conceiving but did not want to go down the IVF route.

"We live a very fast paced lifestyle in this modern world. For the last thirty years or so many young women have used the pill to avoid pregnancy, and other forms of contraception for a number of years. Many are also working as professionals with stressful jobs often well into their thirties before they consider having a child. These days people tend to wait to marry or have children because of the cost of buying a home." says Tripuri,

"This change of pace can at times cause anxiety about possible infertility, especially if pregnancy does not happen within a few months. Reiki treatments help relax and rebalance the body and often discussing some of the issues that come up during a treatment can be helpful. At times especially if the client has been using contraception over a long period of time I may suggest an Australian Bush flower remedy or a combination of remedies which help rebalance hormones or Bach flower remedies to deal with various forms of emotional stress."

Tripuri gives the example of R, a woman in her early thirties, who had held down a challenging job on the front line in war and famine zones for a national charity, assessing the health and safety needs of children and refugees.
Her work was demanding and involved a great deal of travel.
When she married she became very anxious about becoming a mother, after a year she was convinced that she would never get pregnant. She was having regular
treatments, as she couldn't sleep or concentrate at work. Many different issues came up to be resolved as she adapted to her new way of life as a wife and having to deal with a 9-5 job. She decided to learn Reiki in Norwich with Tripuri so that she could self-treat and over a period of time was able to adjust. Happily she has just had her second child.

Often there are deep personal reasons that may need to be resolved before pregnancy can occur. Tripuri has also treated women who have different symptoms, endometriosis or polycystic ovaries; in nearly every case there are other linked emotional blocks. When there is a known physical diagnosis. She encourages women to have regular Reiki treatments in tandem with other treatments of their choice.

Many women also find Reiki to be very beneficial during pregnancy to help deal with a wide range symptoms from tiredness, to an aching back.

Tripuri is based at the Complementary Health Care Clinic in the centre of Norwich as well as a base in Wymondham and can be contacted on Norwich (01603) 665173.

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