Soldier Sweethearts
11th February 2011
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Soldier Sweethearts may well be a really strange title for an article these days, especially one written by a man, but during my research this week, I have been looking at and indexing, the photographs of many local soldiers who were killed on the front lines.

These days, while we are at war, as well as when we were at war in the Falklands, it was an everyday occurrance to read of soldiers being killed, perhaps a weekly death of someone from East Anglia, but during the first and second world wars, it was directly affecting every village and every family.

A little while ago, a young man was killed; he went to school with my daughter, was in her class and that brought it home to me, but just think that during the two world wars, every week you would be hearing of someone from your village or from just up the road having been killed or injured.

Next time you go past your village War Memorial, stop for a moment and think. Those names were real people. Someone's sweetheart!

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