So will it be chocolates and flowers or an iphone app?
30th January 2010
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"Valentines Day is coming around - and once again, I won’t be taken out for dinner and I won’t receive a dozen red roses or even a box of chocolates."

This was the e-mail we received from one of our clients, Linda Allen of, one of our recommended Norwich life coaches.

But before you start to feel too sorry for Linda, she then said

"Don’t feel too sad for me - its just that my husband of twenty years affirms that ‘every day is valentines day for us darling’.

Other than a fleeting moment of missing the romantic package, I am grateful for my husband’s attitude and know he has the right idea - it is true that constant actions, showing and sharing your love, build a much stronger, more fulfilling partnership than going out for a ‘romantic, candlelit dinner’ once a year!"

It was this insight of ‘constant action’ that inspired Linda to create an action based app to improve loving relationships - whether someone is looking for one or in one.

Linda's app, Best>Love, challenges the stories of romantic love, so you define a new story for your love. Using proven personal development techniques Best>Love opens up options to create new possibilities for a loving relationship.

Linda says:

"Even at the age of fifteen, I could see that love (or at least hormones inspired by love!) is such a vital motivator. Many were sabotaging their studies, family relationships, values and happiness in their drive to gain or re-gain feelings of love. The important thing is to keep that love positive and channelled in healthy directions or it can be immensely destructive and damaging - as tragic love stories tell us.

And now there is so much advice about how to attract a partner, how to keep one and how to have a great love life, it is no surprise that we are all confused, with the media pushing fashion, perfect bodies and finding Mr (or Mrs) Right."

Best>Love puts a life coaching tool to improve your relationships in your pocket 24/7 everyday, everywhere - for less than the price of a box of chocolates."

If you want to supplement your iphone app with some real life relationship coaching Linda Allen offers life coaching in Norwich and around the UK. Click here for more details about Linda Allen's Norwich life coaching practice and for details of her special offers.

For those romantics who want to woo with chocolates or flowers we have some great gift ideas and here are the details of our recommended Norwich florists and chocolate makers

Linda's e-mail came in at an appropriate time for us at the bestofnorwich - we are just about to launch the "14 days of Love" leading up to Valentine's day - asking local people to show some Luuurve for local businesses.

All you need to do is write something nice about a local business and you will be entered into a daily prize draw.





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