So, do you bother with a New Year's Resolution?
26th December 2009
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So, what's your new year's resolution? Or don't you have one?

Personally I don't usually have a new year's resolution - although I do always intend to start off the year more efficiently than the previous - and make more profits - but I always seem to slink back to my bad habits - not having enough free time for myself and not getting everything done.

Part of the problem is that I want the impossible - I want to do everything and to do it well. I always think I can get to the bottom of the admin pile, follow up every single lead, organise all our events in advance, look after the family, cook all the dinners, go to all the networking events, remember everyone's birthday, provide amazing customer service for my clients, do the gardening, write a book, keep up to date with twitter, learn all there is about social media, learn all there is about marketing and sales, grow the business, come up with a great business plan, plan for retirement, catch up with all the invoicing, go for more bike rides, do  more exercise, visit the family, write thank you letters, decorate the house and throw more parties for my son and his friends - oh, and remember to pick him up from school on time.

Luckily, I'm looking to buy an iPhone to streamline some of the social media aspects - and that means that I can get one of the new iPhone Apps from our clients, Norwich life coach

From January they are introducing life coaching apps to help you focus on the aspects of your life that you want to change, such as time management (in my case), family, career, goals - either to complement professional life coaching or as a stand alone tool.

These new iPhone Apps have already been featured in Psychologies magazine.

When it comes to the home or office, I might take advantage of Cassie's Norwich clutter Clearing service - Working Order - Cassie will come to your home or office and help you clear up that clutter, tidy the place up, throw out the junk and come up with storage solutions, often by just re-arranging existing furniture. When I have to focus on a big job, my solution for a clear mind is to move everything off my desk. When you have a clear desk, you can focus more on the job in hand, but my solution just moved the clutter from one place to another. Cassie will help you to actually clear it. She is featured under our "Clutter Clearing Norwich" category.

Luckily the one thing I haven't needed to worry about (until now) is weight loss, but if your resolution is to lose weight this year, then Linda McCroft of Tap Yourself Slim, is running weight loss classes in the Norwich and Attleborough area. This doesn't involve dieting, but uses a clever tapping and NLP technique to stop you craving the wrong types of food. It also has long term benefits rather than yo-yo dieting, and often helps with other aspects of your life as well as the weight loss issue. Linda can also help with phobias and illnesses such as RSI. She is featured as "Tap Yourself Slim" under Weight loss Norwich and as Alternative Approach under life coaching Norwich and complementary therapy Norwich.

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