Relive your childhood - a magical day out in Norfolk
24th March 2010
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The March sun is slanting through the slender trees, swishing water sloshes through our thoughts, as we wait in anticipation.

The boat glides gently through the broadland waterway and we spy a wonderland of tiny tree houses, nestling in the woods, a row of miniature washing hanging on a line.

"It's a nice day today - they've got the washing out to dry" says the boatman with a grin, "but look out for Mildred".

I have been here before, but I still jump as I'm woken out of my reverie by "Mildred".

Welcome to Bewilderwood - a magical playground for children set in woodland and waterways in the heart of the Norfolk broads.

Step off the boat and climb the wandering path until you have to choose between going "this way" or "that way". We take "this way" and meander up the slope to my favourite spot, the peaceful paths, now joined by the new Tricky Tunnels.

My 10 year old decides he's too big for the tricky tunnels so we make our way to the Slippery Slope slides and muddle maze, his favourite parts.

He spends the good part of an hour going down the fantastic slides, on which the adults are having as much fun as the kids (when was the last time you went down a slide?)

I then forget that I might meet clients here and lose myself chasing him around the muddle maze.

A healthy meal at the Munch Bar provides sustenance for our adventure as we picnic next to the blazing fire. It is a lovely sunny day, but it is still March, and the fire provides welcome warmth as we sit and eat.

Where else can you immerse yourself for real in the landscape of your books?

Having read the books, the boggles and twiggles come to life when you visit Bewilderwood. It seems such a simple idea to create a real life setting for a book (or create a book and bring it to life) but to actually come up with the idea and put it into practice in such an idyllic setting is a huge achievement.

If you are looking for things to do with the kids in Norfolk, Bewilderwood is a fantastic day out made extra special as they can re-live their adventures with a night time story from one of the Bewilderwood books.


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