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9th June 2008
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We are all becoming familiar with the problems of flooding, as experienced last year in many parts of the county. Part of the problem lies with the fact that people are paving over their gardens and surface water has nowhere to go except the public highway and into the drains.

The majority of drainage was never intended for this and it has resulted in an overload whenever there is excessive rainfall.

New rules to combat this problem mean that anyone who is creating hard standing space on a new area or extending existing hard standing, will need planning permission. The councils will be encouraging the use of permeable paving. It is now illegal for surface water run-off to be discharged on to the public highway.

If you are a Norwich resident and are worried about the implications of this, BC Garden Creations have the skills and knowledge to help you. Give them a call on Norwich (01603) 402359 and they will be happy to see if they can help.

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