Not Your Typical Week.
13th November 2011
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Last week I went to a fantastic seminar run by one of our bestofnorwich clients, Roger Pemberton, of Action Coach.

For at least two hours, we were given tips on growing our business. Each tip was invaluable, yet the seminar was free.

Yes, that's right - free.

I read some of the "Action Coach" books when I was new to business and loved the way they gave me a step by step mechanism for growing a profitable business.

I put into practice some of the steps, but of course, without someone there reminding me what to do, I haven't put all of it into practice. That's where a business coach would come in.

Each time I go to a seminar, though, if I take away just one idea, then it is worth going.

With Roger's seminar, I came away with a host of ideas and reminders of those things that I had intended to do but hadn't got around to doing.

The time flew by, as the seminar was both interactive and thought provoking. If you get the chance to attend another one of these seminars, then it's well worth the time.

In the same week, we went to another great event run by another of our clients - the Maids Head Hotel.

This time, we were running a free social media overview for the Maids Head and their customers. We run social media training via our "sister company" Bright Yellow Marketing.

We had planned to have free food and drink on arrival and then do our presentation.

What we had not expected was the imagination of the managers at the Maids Head.

We arrived to be greeted by Alice in Wonderland characters, and a free glass of wine. Then came some fascinating and unusual canapes, all with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

After we did our social media overview, the Maids Head handed out brandy coffee, champagne and hot chocolate.

Then, in true Alice in Wonderland style, the managers and staff gave us their very own rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, leaving us grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Totally unexpected but totally wonderful.

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