Norwich's Very Own Food Hospital
16th November 2011
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Have you been watching Channel 4's new series, The Food Hospital?  It's one of the most talked about TV programmes on the box right now.   Members of the public are shown how to relieve their health problems without the use of medication but using food instead.  Everything from Crohns disease, acid reflux, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, to obesity, fertility issues, PMS and IBS.

Just like the TV programme, Norwich also has its very own Food Hospital, provided by nutritional therapist and Family Nutrition Expert, Catherine Jeans.  Based at The Orange Grove Clinic, Maddermarket Norwich, Catherine has a busy practice where she helps people resolve their health problems and come up with long term solutions, simply by using dietary changes and the use of nutritional supplements.
"Just as you see on Channel 4's Food Hospital, I have a wide variety of people who come to me desperate for help to improve their health.  Very often they face a life on medication, or they just haven't found any relief for their symptoms." 
Catherine is a fully qualified and certified nutritional therapist, who works with private clients, as well as providing nutritional support to the Spire Hospital patients following bariatric surgery.   "The therapy I provide helps to address people's individual needs and get to the root cause of why they are experiencing poor health.  I have so many people who seem to have lost their way with food and simply do not know what is the right food for them or how to eat healthily.
"One of my patients came to me recently with high cholesterol and blood triglycerides, facing a life on Statin medication.  I gave him a programme of dietary recommendations and a couple of supplements that fitted into his lifestyle and food preferences.  Within just a few months his blood lipids were back to a normal level. 
I also see a lot of couples who are struggling to conceive.  Particularly in the case of unexplained fertility, where there is no specific reason why a couple cannot conceive, dietary changes and nutritional support can be very effective.  I have one client in the early stages of pregnancy now who thought she'd never be able to have a baby.  It's very exciting what can be achieved."
Using principles and recommendations based on sound scientific principles and research, Catherine combines her nutritional knowledge with plenty of practical advice, food recommendations and meal suggestions.  This empowers her clients to put her advice into practice, so that they can improve their wellbeing and in some cases become symptom free.

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