New Year’s Resolutions Nailed!
28th December 2009
... Comments, one of our Norwich personal development and life coach clients, has just introduced apps for iPhone to help you stick to your new years resolutions.

Linda of has just released this press release:

"BestCoach apps for iPhone and iPod touch are ready on the App Store now, just in time to plan your New Years Resolutions to achieve your BestLife 2010!

For just a few pounds these mobile, personal development tools will inspire you to stick with your Resolutions and succeed in your BestLife.

Just like Sara at BestOf Norwich said in her recent blog, many of us have good intentions for the New Year but it is all too easy to lapse back into bad habits.

Linda, who is a Personal Development Coach and co-creator of the apps, explains: “We all know that habits are hard to break, that’s why every local gym is full in January, but almost empty by April! It’s fruitless to use will power alone, unless you become really excited and emotionally attached to your goal, you simply won’t maintain stickability, especially on a frosty morning or when the sofa beckons!”

Linda’s goals audio on the apps inspires you to see the big picture so you begin by setting resolutions that align with your underlying motivations and as a recent study claimed that 40 – 45% of adults worldwide make one or more resolutions each year, but 29% don’t make it past week number 2 – we need all the support we can get!

The BestLife app is a great place to start - it shows the truth about your life by assessing and reviewing your happiness in six key life areas. This immediately helps you see where to take action and identify the best goals and New Year’s Resolutions to set. It is much like the 'wheel of life' personal development coaching tool but much more appealing, fun and easy to use.

To progress and stick with your resolutions and goals in each of the six life areas, BestCoach have developed six other apps: : BestHealth, BestCareer, BestWealth, BestLove, BestFamily, BestTime. 

These support you in choosing and setting the best actions to create new habits. With a declaration of your commitment and progress tracking, you are more likely than ever to stick to your new years resolutions for a whole year.

Linda continues: “I wanted to create an infinitely accessible self-help tool which supports reviewing goals and promises and keeping track of progress, anytime and anywhere. The BestCoach apps provides a solid structure for your success.”

BestCoach Co-Founder, and Designer, Simon Williams enthuses: "It doesn’t quite replace the magic of having a real live, life coach but I love this solution - it is always with me when I need it and it's so easy to use. Once you can see where to enhance your life, it is taking action and ‘seeing’ your progress that has a remarkable effect on results.”

BestCoach Ltd, developed from a partnership where Simon hired Linda as his personal development coach and went on to design a business to share the benefits of her personal development coaching as widely as possible. They offer a range of personal development services to support your success journey on their website

The BestLife apps for your iPhone and iPod touch is like having a life coach in your pocket, inspiring you to succeed, for just a few pounds!

Find BestCoach apps on the Apple App Store now!"



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