Never Be Bullied
1st September 2009
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Many kids right now may be starting to play up (I know mine certainly are) at the thought of going back to school after the long summer holiday.

We're lucky in that ours are usually very happy in their school. But the dread is always there that at some point they will be bullied (or even become a bully!), especially once they move to High School or spend more time away from their home environment.

Having experienced bullying at school, I would hate my child to endure the same thing.

So, I was very relieved when I met Richard Vince, of the Black Belt Academy, Martial Arts School in Norwich. Richard is not only a world champion, he is also a qualified psychotherapist. His knowledge and understanding of what motivates people, especially children, is amazing.

His book, Never Be Bullied, was an enlightening read, and it is a book which I will keep to hand as my son grows older.

In fact it should be essential reading for all children, as it describes, in very easy to understand language, how to avoid being bullied in the first place or, if bullying starts, how to deal with it in the early stages.

Richard has recently brought out an e-book version so that this information is accessible to a wider audience.

More information can be found here.



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