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18th November 2009
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Its 100 years since ornithologists began trapping birds and so far, more than 36 million birds have been caught and ringed in the UK alone.  

Richard Daniel joins the team from the British Trust for Ornithology in Norfolk to see how that’s helped reveal some of nature’s secrets. 

Until ringing of birds, it was believed that swallows buried themselves in mud for the winter. We now know that our  swallows migrate to South Africa and return the following Spring to the same place where they hatched. 

Today researchers use the latest technology to show how well the environment is being looked after. It also helps to protect endangered species.

In another story, Julie Reinger looks into Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

It's estimated that 1 in 100 babies are born with an incurable condition that is completely preventable. It leaves them with physical defects and behavioural problems and is all caused by the mother drinking during pregnancy.

Julie Reinger meets the families living with the consequences Foetal Alcohol syndrome. Its little understood and doctors are unsure how much alcohol is needed to cause it.  Many say that the government needs to give much clearer guidance to pregnant mothers. 

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