Making Your Web Marketing Work for you
12th November 2010
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For any business looking to get the most from their internet marketing, here is Gary's advice:

"With more and more people turning to the internet as their first port of call to find new products and services it’s vitally important your online presence is maximised to have any and every chance of converting the visitor into a customer.

Here’s some tips and things to consider:

1) First Impressions: What is the first impression when someone visits your website? Is it clean, consistent, tidy and well presented? Is it a poor DIY job or been professionally designed by experts? With so many of your competitors on the internet it’s easy for the visitor to click away to someone else.

2) Call to Action: When people come to your website are you telling them to do something? What is your goal is it to sign them up to a news letter, contact you or buy things? People like direction and hand holding so make sure you tell people to do things.

3) Don’t make people think: User experience is now vitally important. People are very busy these days and need to make decisions quick. If you make them think too hard about what it is they need from your site then they’ll be off.

4) What is your message: No one knows more about your business than you but that doesn’t mean that you can sell it to people through web based text. Always pay to have your message written professionally by a copy writer. They’ll make it easy to read and more effective.

5) Keep it fresh: Is your website up to date? Does it have old offers on it, out of date information, old staff members etc. You must keep things up to date or people might think you’ve gone out of business. If you have a blog then update it regularly.

6) Reasons to trust you: People will buy from people they like & trust. Not displaying your address or just using a mobile phone number doesn’t look good and will turn people off.

7) Testimonials: If you have testimonials then make sure you display them but wait till you have a few as just displaying one actually looks worse than none. This will also add trust and integrity to you and your services.

8) Analyse statistics: Use something like Google Analytics to gather stats about visitors when they are on your website. Find out which pages people are leaving and ask yourself why they are leaving at that point and what can you do to remedy that.

9) Utilise social media: Over and above your sales patter you need to be seen as the expert that everyone goes to in your chosen field. Utilising social media allows you demonstrate your expertise over and above your sales patter. Blogging, YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook etc  are all free to use. This is a massive subject in its own right.

10) Listen: You need to listen to what your potential customers do and don’t like and you need to act upon this valuable feedback. We all handle criticism differently but take it all on board, embrace it and do something with it as it could mean the difference between failure or success.

Author Bio:

Gary Dickenson is the founder and managing director of Creospace Design & Development. A Norfolk based online marketing company that have been delivering effective solutions for over 7 years.

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