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11th May 2013
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Hello! I am Lorenza, an Italian student almost five years graduated in Statistics,Economics and Business. At the end of my university career I have wanted to try a new experience abroad...because I'm young, because I love travel and meet new people, and because it's rightly so..:) I always loved to test myself, and fortunately I always wanted to prove to myself that I could do more as well...after all I think that make new experiences can only enrich! And I was right: I'm learning a lot of applied things that I didn't know about my field, thank to my tutor here in Norwich, Richard Patey, and improving my English, which I hope will get even better.

Working and studying in Norwich is really pleasant: from Italy I didn't know this little treat of city but I happily discovered a dynamic, young and livable city...I immediately got well with Norwich because is green, peaceful and quite, but in the same time modern and funny...and then there are a lot of nice shops so there is no time to be bored! The only negative thing for me here is been the weather, that is a little cold and in Italy I was not used...but it was a solvable problem, and then it is finally spring now! Also here yeah!

Coming back to me, my goal now is to do my final exam and find a rewarding job, I don't know where, it's not a problem! I know that probably it won't be so simple but my interests range across multiple fields: market analysis, analysis of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and estimation of customers' lifetime value are the most relevant to my studies, but I'm a 100% girl too and I always loved fashion, beauty, photography and lifestyle. My dream is to do a photo shoot or a fashion show...wait and see...patience and passion...because first of all I am completely in love with life and all her surprises!

To conclude, I'm new in the world of social networks and blogs, but I will do my best to improve: if interested visit my my blog, my about.me page, and add me in so many on twitter and facebook! Email me to lorenza.sarti@gmail.com! 

Thanks a lot!

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I'm an Italian student in Norwich for an internship programme. I am close to the second cycle degree in Statistics,Economics and Business at University of Bologna, my city...I would like to travel, meet...

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