Join Writers' Centre Norwich for an Evening of Poetry with Sophie Hannah, Don Paterson and Hannah Lowe.
7th May 2013
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On the 13th May, Writers’ Centre Norwich will be host to a trio of poets at Norwich Playhouse. Organised in collaboration with The Rialto Magazine, poets Don Paterson, Sophie Hannah and Hannah Lowe will be opening Words & Ideas at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival. And, even if we do say so ourselves, this is one event you won’t want to miss. Especially as you can buy tickets half price.

The evening promises to be a delightful exploration of contemporary poetry- I can’t wait to hear all of the poets, but I am particularly looking forward to hearing Sophie Hannah read again.

I was lucky enough to hear her read at the EDP Book Awards last year, and felt connected with the text in a way which I hadn’t experienced when reading her poetry at home. (It also persuaded me to dig out her collection of Selected Poems when I got home, and to re-imagine the slants and emphasis of the writing.)

Sophie Hannah’s poetry is clever, witty, and undeniably wicked. Her writing has a vicious, razor sharp edge. Sophie takes everyday incidents, and spins them into bittersweet poems, writing with grace and intelligence. It’s little wonder that she has been shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize, while her bestselling psychological thrillers continue to receive critical acclaim.


For a taster of Sophie’s poetry, you can watch her read If People Disapprove on YouTube.


While Sophie Hannah is sure to make you laugh, Don Paterson will make you shift forward in your seat, alert and straight-backed.

Paterson has won most of the poetry prizes around; from the Forward Prize to the TS Eliot Prize (twice). His accolades speak for themselves, but don’t capture the scope and quality of his work. Don Paterson writes lyrically on fable and charm, creating an intimate exploration of the moments that unite us all.  

Don Paterson’s reading is sure to be both thought provoking and moving, and a perfect foil for Sophie Hannah and Hannah Lowe’s readings.

See Don Paterson read Rain.

Last, but certainly not least, Hannah Lowe will also be reading at the event. Hannah published her first full-length collection, Chick, earlier this year. Described as an “extraordinary debut”, the publication heralds a fresh and outstanding voice into the world of contemporary poetry.

Hannah joined us last year to read at The Norwich Showcase and you can watch her reading on YouTube.

Lowe’s sensory poetry is deeply personal. Chick is named after her father, and it tells the story of his extraordinary character, a Chinese-black Jamaican migrant who gambled professionally. Hannah’s poems capture an emotional truth, but always resist sentimentality with peculiar beauty.   

This Rialto event promises to introduce you to a world of brilliant poetry, bringing  established and emerging poets together for an evening of immersive entertainment. And, I for one, can’t wait.

Get your tickets now.

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