Jason's blog on Personal Style for Men
2nd April 2009
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Jason Ball, MD of Leadenhall Suit Company, tailors and menswear in Norwich has added this blog with his advice on personal style:

"Personal style nowadays has become very important, whether we like it or not.

So many judgments, fair and unfair, are made at lightning speed not only in personal life but also in business.

It almost goes without saying these assumptions and conclusions get directed completely unfairly at their target, and of course without their knowledge. Half or more of the fun I suspect.

Yet as unpalatable as this thinking is, it is part of life.

To the more hard headed, unwitting recipient of such 'judgements', such remarks make little difference and would serve only to antagonize. However if felt or even overheard by sensitive ones, even the most 'off the cuff' comments can at best play on the mind, at worst cause deep hurt to the ego.

This coupled with what one thinks one should wear, for example images in the media, and you have a recipe for a jaundiced sense of personal style.

In future blogs, which you can follow either here on at Hallmarkshirts.com, my humble suggestions shall aim to bring to the surface the reader's, not my, sense of style. I will not be asking anyone to be Icarus with their clothes, no death dealing risks here.

To have an open mind towards change is far more important. Again, though, not change for change's sake. Perhaps gradual improvement if the readers feels it necessary.

But remember: unless you're a presenter on Top Gear, your own sense of style is usually a good guide!

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