Is your fire safety up to date? You could be fined.
13th August 2009
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A landlord was recently fined £1000 for switching off a fire alarm at a bedsit property. There was a fire in the property earlier in the year which caused the tenants to evacuate the building. Although no one was hurt, the fine reflects the fact that it could have been extremely serious.

On a business front, some businesses are cutting back on insurance in these hard times. People think "it won't happen to me"  but there have been a number of fires recently at business premises in and around Norwich, some of which were covered by insurance and some which weren't.

Businesses have a legal obligation to comply with certain regulations dealing with fire safety. If you are not sure what these are, there is information on the city council's website or, to be on the safe side, it is best to get the advice of an expert.

Local Norfolk fire safety consultants, such as Tas Valley Fire Protection, are happy to give you a free consultation and they can supply fire extinguishers, alarms and doors at very reasonable price. They differ from some other companies in that they will re-fill your fire extinguishers at no additional cost and with no call out fee. Beware anyone who gives you a cheap quote - you may find in the small print that they charge you for re-fills -and the cost escalates.

Tas Valley are recommended because they give you the full cost upfront with no hidden charges.

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