Indispensable Businesses are Recession-Proof
30th July 2010
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Roger Pemberton, our Norwich business coach, here provides the fourth of 8  keys to help business owners recession proof their business.

Key 4 - Indispensible Businesses are Recession Proof

When choosing a niche, look for positions that are essential and ireplaceable. If this is not the case - think what innovations you can introduce so you can achieve this.

By doing this your business will thrive with your customers longevity and loyalty while other companies tread water and /or go under.

As we are at the half way stage here is a summary of the previous thre keys:

1 - Planning Ahead Means Staying Ahead

2 - Understand The Critical Difference between Response and Reaction

3 - Choose Products with Care and Attention

I hope this helps you plan for the coming months. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how you can use these keys in your business.



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