If you have employees, take a look at this checklist.
2nd March 2011
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Employment Law.

Do all of your Employees have a contract of employment/ written statement of terms and are these reviewed / amended at least on an annual basis?

Do you have an Employee Handbook/ written policies and procedures covering all aspects of work and is this kept up to date in line with current legislation?

Are all the changes to the Employee Handbook communicated to the staff?

Are copies of the Handbook/ policies and procedures available for staff inspection?

Do you have written grievance and disciplinary procedures?

Have the relevant investigating / disciplinary officers been provided with adequate training in managing grievance and disciplinary procedures?

Do you have unlimited 24 hour access to practical and legal advice on implementing your policies and procedures?

Do you have insurance against representation at Tribunal and potential awards to employees?


If the answer is  NO please call me Philip Beckett at The Insurance Centre Limited. I can help with these issues.

If the answer is YES you can still talk to me as I may be able to help you with better systems and greater protection.

So please take time to have a good look at what you currently have in place and don't think that it will never happen to you as it does and, believe me, when it does it is extremely worrying for you.

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