How to gain the sartorial high ground
13th November 2009
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With his usual aplomb, Jason Ball, our expert connoisseur of mens tailoring in Norwich gives this advice on etiquette for gentlemen at evening events.

"I've recently been asked about evening wear. More precisely one question in particular. Yes, there are more important things in life to worry about, but that's not the point. Just knowing is enough.

It's this: When in the course of an evening event is it ok to undo your bow tie?

You may not like my verdict. You'll get over it, but its a view employed by the best dressed men in the world.

Think of the soldier sitting down for his evening meal with his contemporaries. The moment he sits, that's it. He can't loosen his tie, he can't 'ease off'  his trousers as the meal he is eating takes refuge in his stomach. He's not even allowed to visit the lavatory during the seated part of the evening. Three or more courses. Drinks. Coffee. Room and body temperature changes. The clothing is not expected to change its appearance.

You are required to organise your body, intake and clothing accordingly. You can imagine the queue for the toilets after the meal!

If you want to gain the sartorial high ground, You must plan to walk out of the event as you walked in. No undone shirt with bow tie draping down from your neck. No untucked shirt or 'Travolta' swinging jacket above your head on the dance floor.

Plan ahead; choose a shirt you know will feel good with the top button fastened all evening. A pair of dinner trousers that are comfortable when sitting and standing. A jacket you can sit correctly in to eat and drink. A suit you won't feel like taking off. A tie that needs little or no attention.

A final piece of related advice: don't drink too much. Uncontrolled behaviour is not an attractive accessory.

Perish the thought."

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